• Success for Kath and Ron in the British Masters Athletics event at Birmingham

    Ron and Kath Stewart travelled down to Birmingham last weekend (25th/26th July) to compete in the British Masters, and came back with a haul of medals.  Kath was unbeatable in the  200 metres, 400 metres and 800 metres winning gold in all her events with times of 38-0 in the 200, 87-0 in the 400 and 3-37-0
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  • Juniors promoted to Division 1!

    Laura Mole has sent me this news report about the  Junior NEYDL team.  Well done to everyone who contributed to their success-Noreen Our Junior athletes have competed very well this season in the North East Youth Development League. We have been building the team gradually over the last 4 years both in terms of numbers
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  • Cleveland Steelman

    This report comes from Steelman Simon Jamison, now recovering from a sub 6 hour race-Noreen ‘Simon Jamison you are a STEELMAN (just)!’  “Why are you smiling, you damn fool? You’re in last place and still have a mile to swim” “Yeah I know” “Simon, you have done no swim training and been out on the
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