• Northumberland Schools County Track & Field Championships/Inter-Counties Throws results

    As you know athletes at  ‘The Poly’ cover a range of athletic disciplines.  You may not know that as well as running there are also the field sports-throwing and jumping.  So, this report about our success in throwing comes from Peter Atkinson-Noreen  On an extremely wet and windy Saturday, Gateshead International Stadium played host to
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  • Blaydon race report

    Definitely an Alternative Blaydon report.  Thanks for that, Simon. As I’m never at the front I’ve never had this perspective! And well done on your PB. Noreen, Editor The Alternative Blaydon 2017 “Aa went to Blaydon Races, ’twas on the ninth of Joon, Too thoosan’ an’ seventeen, on a summer’s efternoon” 2016 – The Blaydon
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  • Jon nails the Bob Graham Round

    I’m in awe of Jon Heaney’s recent achievement in completing the Bob Graham round within 24 hours and, so claiming a place in the exclusive Bob Graham Club.  David Johnson explains the origin and rules of the Bob Graham while Jon himself gives his report of the Herculean event (below)-Noreen The Bob Graham Round is probably
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