• The hills are calling….

    For those runners who are sick of running on hard paving stones or tarmac, why not try a fell run?  There are quite a number in the next few months, many attached to local country shows.  So you can do your run, visit the beer tent, eat a few cakes and admire the sheep.  Here
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  • Kristy Wonders on Triathlon from scratch

    This interview with newby triathlete Kristy Wonders comes from Bruce Robertson.  Anyone interested in triathlon can access training tips and encouragement by signing up to the Poly Tri Facebook page-Noreen I went along to watch a friend compete in the Spanish City triathlon last year and I challenged myself there and then to do it
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  • News from Polyfellers

    Latest news of the Poly fell running section of the club from David Johnson  The group seem to be proving even more popular with several runners new to running up and down muddy, heather strewn hills signing up! -Noreen The Fell Section goes from strength to strength   After forming almost 20% of the field at the
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