• Harrier League, Sherman Cup and Davison Shield event

    This report of the South Shields XC is from Roger Mosedale who obviously enjoyed a grand day out (thank you Roger).  If you want photos of the ladies in action go to the Poly Facebook pages.  My personal favourite moment at South Shields had nothing to do with running.  It was when one of the
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  • Poly Fell championships

    A very brief and to the point report from Dave Johnson.  Well done all those who took part in the championship.  We don’t tend to hear much about our fell runners, so if anyone out there is running round sheep tracks and bouncing over the heather in a fell race, let us know how you
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  • Harrier League Opener 2014: Greetings from Cramlington-Del-Sol

    There was something most un-cross-country-like about the weather at the season opener on Saturday. East Cramlington lay bathed in warm sunshine, and swarming with confused runners asking ‘Where’s the rain? They said there would be mud. It’s not even windy!’ It certainly was swarming too; 1352 runners competed across all categories. The Poly provided a
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