• Don’t Book a Holiday to Ibiza next October!!

    The Poly Women’s multisport section continue their meteoric rise to the stratosphere of European competition.  A  grand total of 4 women athletes have qualified to represent Team GB in the European Championships Sprint Duathlon in Ibiza.  The report below is by Neil Dick.  The photo shows l to r, Claire, Christine, Katherine and Stephanie-Noreen   
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  • Polyfellers Winter Season

    Here’s the latest from our man on the fells, Dave Johnson.  So those of you who like nothing better than running down scree and scrambling up hills can now continue it in the colder weather! Noreen Rees Polyfellers Unofficial Winter Championship 2017  14th October 1.45pm Alwinton Show Fell Race 3 miles junior races from 1pm
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  • A Rash of Red Vests at Wrenkenton

    There was much esprit de corps and joie de vivre at Wrekenton on Saturday 30th September for the first cross country meeting of the Start Fitness NE Harrier League.  The weather was warm (it won’t be next time!)  and sunny (doubtful).  There was a distinct lack of Hurricane Irma-force winds too.  All boded well.  In
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