• Hedgehope Hellraiser

    Poly Fell Championships Here is a flyer with more information about the race which takes place on April 27th http://www.northumberlandfellrunners.co.uk/html/races/notices/2014/Hedgehope_Race.pdf

  • Say It Loud! We’re Poly and Proud!

    If Poly runners weren’t motivated going into the final fixture of the season, with so much hanging on the results, then surely nothing would ever motivate them. The ladies tucked just behind Gateshead with a chance of the top spot, and the men neck and neck with Crook AC, vying for the chance to move
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  • Annual General Meeting 2014

    AGM – Friday 28th MARCH 2014 7.00pm at Broadwalk CafĂ©, Watts Slope, Whitley Bay All club members are invited Agenda (click here for full agenda) 1. APOLOGIES 2. MINUTES of 2013 AGM (click here to view) 3. SUMMARY OF THE PREVIOUS 12 MONTHS SHORT INTERVAL 4. ELECTION OF OFFICIALS 5. REVIEW OF SUBSCRIPTIONS 6. LIFE
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