A Dirty Run at Durham

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Steph MacLean : Poly's fastest lady on the day

This year due to conservation of the cricket pitch there was a new course at Durham, and also a new race HQ which was at Durham University sport centre.  So there was a cafe serving posh coffee, more toilets, and chance to watch the indoor rowing and read free Sunday papers.  Plus the course didn’t include the practically vertical ( and vertigo inducing!) hill up to the football pitch.  So we lost the hill, and the route was pretty much twice round two sports pitches- a chance to have a fast run on a flat course we hoped.

The weather forecast had promised a large dollop of sleety rain over the North East but Durham City had been spared.  So although the course was very muddy (especially after the veteran men had churned it up!) there was no wind and after the freezing temperatures of the night before, it felt almost tropical.  Team captains Lucy and Bruce did a great job of organising the teams, as did the tent erectors.  27 Poly men took part and 18 women, among them some prizewinning teams.  The vets V45 team of Chris Waite, Sean Maley and Neil Dick took 3rd prize in their age category.  Michael Hindmarch, Jason Stirland and David Stainthorpe were all named in the top 10  fastest leg category in their respective ages.

Video Courtesy of Iain Twaddle

The women’s race yielded 1st place VW35 for Alison Smith, Stephanie Dann and Lucy Robinson, and Katherine Davis, Louise Hayes and Karen Foster took the 2nd place VW45 prize.  Lucy Robinson, Natalie Thorburn, Alison Smith, Lourdes Bradley, Louise Hayes, Karen Foster,Katie Jones, Karen Loughney, Sue Potter, Noreen Rees and Kath Stewart being named in the top ten fastest legs in their age group, with Katherine Davis coming joint first in the VW45 category, and Stephanie Dann overall winner in the  VW40 category.

So, a good day out, especially for Elsa Foster the latest Poly Pooch who enjoyed watching the races wearing her Poly buff.  Thanks must also go too the Maley boys for their great support and loud voices!

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