A good Medal Haul at the Durham Relays

18 January, 2016 No Comments Results

Durham Cathedral Relays 2016_men

Dave Johnson (centre) battles with his Poly colleagues at the Durham Relays.


Despite a hard ground frost and freezing fog down by the riverside, the Poly managed to clock up some  great results at the Cathedral Relays on Sunday 17th January.  22  Poly teams took part-13 men’s and 9 women’s.

The senior ladies team of  Gina Rutherford, Lucy Robinson and Carla Maley won bronze medals. The  ladies v45 team of Karen Gunn, Alison Cummings and Katie Jones won silver medals.  The men’s V45 team of Guy Bracken, John Baty and Rob Walker won silver, with Guy Bracken winning an individual gold . The men’s v65 team of Ian Richardson, Andy Webb and Phil Payne also won silver.

In the Senior men’s race Michael Dawson (9.37)  and Graeme Cook (9.49) were included in the Top Twenty Fastest Legs.  In the Veteran men’s race Phil Coulson (V35, 10.29) Paul West (V35, 10.30) Michael Parkinson (V40, 10.58) Tommy Brannon (V45, 10.16) Gary Moore (V45, 10.40) Guy Bracken (V50, 9.54) Phil Rees (V60, 14.10) Ian Richardson (V65, 14.00) Andy Webb (V65, 15.37) and Phil Payne (V65, 16.59) were all mentioned in the Top Ten Fastest Legs category for their age groups.

In the Senior women’s race Gina Rutherford (11.05) and Lucy Robinson (11.29) were mentioned in the Top Twenty Fastest Legs category.  Carla Maley (V35, 12.01) Lourdes Bradley (V40, 13.01) Natalie Thorburn (V40, 13.06) Louise Hayes (V45, 12.53) Karen Gunn (V50 12.14) Katie Jones (V50 13.33) Alison Cummings (V55, 13.42) and Noreen Rees (V60, 15.05) were all mentioned in the Top Ten Fastest Legs category for their age groups.

Vaughan Hemy and Lucy Robinson had the thankless task of sorting out the teams on the day (and  despite best efforts it often does have to be finalised on the day!)  And judging by the results they made some good choices.

Full results can be viewed via the link below-


So, hopefully all the fastest legs and all the tired legs had a good time.  It’s always great to finish a race with a bacon sandwich, cup of tea and a cake!

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