A Prolific Poly Turnout at North Tyneside 10K

17 April, 2017 No Comments Uncategorized

The BBC weather forecast promised rain and chilly temperatures.  However the race began and ended in sunshine with not a spit of rain.  There was the usual ritual-toilets, baggage bus, warm up then toilets again.  Somehow there are never enough toilets, and I spent an anxious ten minutes in a queue beside the indoor bowling green before managing to get to the start of the race with only minutes to spare.  I didn’t see the faster runners at all but at least when I finished there were many people behind me.  The magnificent support along the way was very welcome-but maybe not the click of  the camera shutters.  In  most race photos I look like I’m walking, in some cases sleep-walking!

North Tyneside 10K 2First in for the Poly men was Graham Crammond (34.56) followed by Michael Hindmarch (36.08) then Patrick Houghton (38.05).  Harold Fern in the V70+ category was  3rd in his age group.

North Tyneside 10K 2017

For the women, Sarah Ingham was both 1st in for the Poly and  first in her age category (42.51).  Alison Smith was next lady in for the Poly and was 3rd in her age category (43.24) and Janine Routledge was both 3rd Poly lady in and 3rd in her age category (44.40).  Alison Cummings was 1st in her age category (45.13 tbc) and Sue Potter was 3rd in her age category (52.27).

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Grants and Publicity Noreen has been a member of North Shields Poly since 1994, and has represented the club in road running, cross country and on the track. Occasionally she has won medals! She previously edited the Poly magazine in the 1990s (yes in those far off days before websites!) and has contributed to articles in the local press, as well as reviewing the occasional play. Noreen is hoping that Poly members will send her stories of their heroic efforts of running against the odds, training tips, opinions on the latest running technological advances, and race reports.

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