A Run in the Sun at Blyth 10K

13 April, 2017 No Comments News, Results

Steph McClean Dann at Blyth

A determined Stephanie McLean Dann heads towards the halfway mark in the Blyth 10K

On what was probably the hottest day of the year so far, Poly athletes were competing a few miles up the coast at Blyth.  For the first time the race entry was sold out and it was apparent from watching that at least fifty percent of runners were not from clubs.  So despite the gloomy forecasts from the government and medical professionals that the UK is a nation of unfit couch potatoes, our area seems to be bucking that trend, and running in particular is becoming more popular.

So, to the race.  Graeme Cook was first Poly man in, in 9th place (33.52).  Literally close on his heels in 11th place was Elliot Kelly (33.56) and Scott Ellis was 3rd Poly man in, in 14th place (34.06).  Greg Penn was 2nd in his age category (36.27) and Paul Luzanycia 3rd in his (41.52).

The women also ran well.  Jackie Penn was 3rd lady overall (37.51).  Despite coming back from injury, Stephanie McClean Dann  was 6th overall and 2nd in her age category (38.15).  Katherine Davis  was 14th lady overall and 1st in her age category(41.08) and Alison Cummings, racing in a new age category was 2nd in hers (44.41).

A scenic ( if hilly in places) course, good weather and excellent organisation and support.  What more could you want in a race?

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Grants and Publicity Noreen has been a member of North Shields Poly since 1994, and has represented the club in road running, cross country and on the track. Occasionally she has won medals! She previously edited the Poly magazine in the 1990s (yes in those far off days before websites!) and has contributed to articles in the local press, as well as reviewing the occasional play. Noreen is hoping that Poly members will send her stories of their heroic efforts of running against the odds, training tips, opinions on the latest running technological advances, and race reports.

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