Aaal the lads and lasses…well a few of them anyway!

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Blaydon Race 2017

Some of the runners-where were the others?

78 (!) Poly runners took part in the Blaydon Race on June 9th.  Herding cats would have been easier than finding them all in the Bigg Market and getting them together for a photo shoot.  And it’s not as if the club kit isn’t bright and distinctive.  So, hopefully we’ll be more organised next year.

As regards results, in the men’s race Graeme Cook led the way for the Poly (2oth overall, 30.04), followed by Michael Parkinson (33.03) and Michael Hindmarch (33.40).  Once again blazing a trail for the women was Stephanie Maclean Dann (8th overall, 4th in age category, 34.13).  Next up was Suzanne Thew (36.37)  followed by Jackie Penn (36.40). 4th Poly woman, and making a return to racing was Claire McManus (37.05).  The over 40 women’s team consisting of Stephanie Maclean Dann, Suzanne Thew, Claire McManus and Christine Burns retained the Dames’ Trophy for the third year running-a fantastic achievement.

In age categories, John Baty deserves a mention for being 4th in his age category, and Alison Cummings for being 3rd in hers.

For once the weather was perfect-no monsoon rain, and no blinding sun from the west for the stretch along Scotswood Road. There was a slight breeze-just enough to lick the sweat off your face but not enough to affect times.  The ‘entertainment’ along the way was mixed with some rock numbers, a group of enthusiastic drummers and a truly awful band in need of auto-tune at the end!  I really like the T shirts this year, and have managed to get one in my size (a bonus) but better signage is needed I feel for the baggage area.  I totally missed it as so many people were standing in front of the sign for it!

Enjoy your Blaydon Race Ale!


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