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5 August, 2014 1 Comment Events, News

Another contribution from Simon Jamison-Adidas Thunder Run-Not sure if he enjoyed it or not! Noreen


Most of the time I like to keep it simple with my running, 5k, 10k, half marathons, the odd triathlon. Have avoided marathons like the plague and apart from a terrible incident getting lost and accidently running 16 miles instead of my planned 10, I never exceed 13.1 miles. So what am I doing heading out for my 4th 10k trail run in 14 hours at 2am on a Sunday morning ? My headtorch is on, I’m tired, a little smelly and slightly delirious but having a blast on my 5th year taking part in the Adidas Thunder Run.

The format is simple, runner 1 starts and knocks out a swift 10k, he passes the baton on to runner 2 who knocks out another 10k and so on and so on. In between your laps you get a whopping 3-4 hours rest to sleep (unlikely), shower (pointless) or eat (brilliant). And so the weekend goes on and this in summary is how my latest thunder run went.

Lap 1 – Saturday 26th July, 12:00

The opening lap of TR24 and the hooter sounds. The course starts with a nice long stretch on grass before hitting a near vertical zig zag climb through the woods. Very busy and crowded but soon spreads out and I get into my pace and start enjoying myself. Well I say enjoying myself and in hindsight I’m sure I was but the 36 degree temperature and hot dry air was playing havoc with my breathing, not to mention my hair! Lap 1 – 49:50

Lap 2 – Saturday 26th July, 4:30

God damn it’s still hot ! Temperature just hasn’t dropped and I swear my face is actually melting. My team mate kelvin comes running round the corner and slaps the baton into my hand and I’m off again. This time it’s a clear run and I try and keep a good pace but the heat is just brutal and nowhere to hide from it, just want to finish and have a little lie down. Lap 2 – 52:00

Lap 3 – Saturday 26th july, 9:35pm

Woohoo ! The sun has gone down and it’s starting to drizzle a bit, perfect running weather and Im raring to go. I’ve got the baton and I’m heading out onto the course, head torch is flicked on as the sun goes down and by the time I depart the woods and out into the open it’s pitch black. ‘m skipping over the tree routes and leaping over fellow runners, people are stopping in their tracks to marvel at my running prowess and then the race is on. There is a random stranger that I have been playing cat and mouse with for the past 2 miles and no way is he beating me, I’m like this on a Sunday run when I see someone on the other side of the road, never will a stranger beat me. People I know thrash me all the time but never a stranger on a Sunday jog. Lap 3 – 49:4

Lap 4 – Sunday 28th July, 1:24am

I’m wrecked, i’ve had one and a half hours sleep, its dark, its cold and I feel like having a little cry but it’s time for km’s 31-40. Oh and I’m hungry, really, really hungry and craving haribos. Night laps are hard at the best of times but on this course they are a killer, tree roots and technical twisty trails to get through and all by the light of head torch. I’m really struggling now and just want to go to bed. Lap 4 – 55:52

Lap 5 – Sunday 28th July, 6:34am

Always my most hated lap, the one where my legs decide enough is enough and every step just hurts more than the last. I still haven’t had my haribos and I’m now so hungry I’m considering eating a fellow runner who’s hobbling along up ahead. I suppose I’d be putting him out of his misery. I spend the next 3 miles considering how I would eat him. After a lot of thought I decide I could pull his arm off and eat it on the move. I think I need to sleep. Things are getting a little strange. (YOU’RE TELLING ME!-EDITOR) Finish my lap and eat a giant bacon baguette, family size bag of haribos and 2 cans of coke—feel sick, really, really sick. Lap 5 – 57:29

Lap 6 – Sunday 28th July, 11:03am

I feel sick, really really sick, pretty certain I’m going to vomit at some point on this lap. This is the glory lap. We run this one as a team and take it steady and attempt to enjoy it. I’m hurting from my first step and it doesn’t get any better, talking makes time fly by a little easier but Ifeel awful. Turns out bacon, coke and sweets aren’t good pre-race food. Probably best if I give them another chance though as I like bacon and sweets. In fact bacon flavoured haribos would be my ideal food. They could have them all different shapes, bit of bacon, a sausage, some ribs. Feeling hungry again now. Just one final hill to go and it’s the home straight. We meet the last of our team mates at the top of the hill and the 5 of us run in together and cross the line, bloody marvellous! Lap 6 – 1:03:06

And that is that for another year, nice t shirt and medal as always and the team finished in 13th place overall, which is respectable given the huge number of teams taking part. Pack up the tent, climb into the car and head home. A great event if you fancy something different but my god it hurts, my legs are destroyed and will be for at least a week.

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