Aykley Heads-Mud and Guts at the Cross Country!

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‘Mud, Mud glorious mud’ goes the song, ‘nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.’  At the NE Harrier League XC at Aykley Heads cooling was the last thing everyone needed.  The slightly delayed start of the Senior/Vet women’s race meant standing around while a gale from Siberia whirled round our shoulders. We joked that if we ever did get to start we’d be frozen to the spot, so couldn’t.  The younger athletes had already made an impression on the muddy field and eventually it was our turn to churn over the clarts.  Unfortunately this then left the course in an even worse state for the men’s race.  The longest spikes were called for, and having watched runners in previous races in similar conditions have their shoes sucked off by the mud, I taped mine on with electrician’s tape.  It worked, but getting it off was very messy.

The course itself was fairly undulating but there were some scary, slidey downhill bits, a long hill at the end of each lap and a metre high block of earth which had to be scrambled over. There was a good turnout by the Poly, and the tent once again proved its worth as a shelter from the cruel winds.  Full results can be viewed via the link below-


Notable Poly performances included-

Under 11 Boys Josh Blevins claimed 3rd place in 5.02, and Harry Robson 28th place (5.58).

Under 11 Girls Lilly Robson  was 16th in 5.59, and Edith McIntosh 34th in 6.36.

Under 13 Boys Josh Collinson was 13th (13.17)

Under 13 Girls Lucia Bradley was 18th (16.38) and Kirsty Nash only a smidgeon away in 19th place (16.41)

Under 15 Boys Sam Edmundson was 31st in 14.49

Under 15 Girls Isobel Robinson was  a credible 8th (14.20) and Eira  Hegarty 20th (15.15)

Under 17 Boys Isaac Noble was  11th in 28.44

Under 20 Men William Robson (42.02)

Senior Women Gina Rutherford (28.31)Lucy Robinson (29.47) Michelle Thompson (31.30) Alison Smith (32.24)

Veteran Women FV 40-Suzanne Thew (31.50) Angela Green (32.53)  FV 45-Katherine Davis (31.26) FV50 Karen Gunn (32.42) FV55 Alison Cummings (34.39)

Senior Men Scott Ellis (40.48)

Veteran Men MV 35-Michael Dawson (39.18) Danny Richardson (42.18) Stephen Hall (43.36) David Quinn (44.02)

MV 40-Rob Walker (40.48) Paul Richardson (43.25) Michael Parkinson (44.14) Jason Stirland (45.30)

MV 45- Chris Waite (44.03) MV 65 Ian Richardson (57.05)

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