Cakes and Hail at Alnwick

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Was it an art installation by Tracy Emin?  Or was it a temporary shelter that had been trampled on by an elephant with very muddy feet?  No, it was the Poly tent looking slightly sad amongst the other tents in the club area.  How do the other clubs keep their tents so pristine?  What is their secret?

Anyway we were very glad of any sort of shelter on the day and the Poly tent is at least one you can stand up in.  Also it has a useful awning where athletes can wait to be called over to the start line.  With the constant hail/sleet/rain showers at Alnwick any chance of keeping marginally dry was to be welcomed.  We also had a chance to use the Poly picnic table, and this was quite a success.  The cakes and savouries didn’t come with a coating of mud or were stood on.  People placed their bags around the outside of the tent so it was tidier, and up to four athletes could sit down (carefully mind!) and change their shoes.  It was so snug in the tent that I’d have been very happy to stay there.

However the 16 Senior & Vet women were enticed out at 1.10 on the dot (excellent organisation!) onto a soggy field which had just been wetted by one of the numerous sleet showers.  As we ran round past the castle we had cloud, then for the second lap warm sunshine.  Unfortunately for the 20 Senior /Vet men the weather turned again for the start of their race and they had to contend with horizontal freezing hail for their first lap.  The young athletes had long finished their races by then of course and were munching on burgers and cake by this time.

Josh Collinson came in a creditable 6th in the Under 13 boys race (15.12) with his team mate Jonny Kidd in 10th place (15.30).  In the under  15 girls race  Marlie Gardiner was 8th (17.20) with her team mate Eira Hegarty 12th (17.32).

POly Men at Alnwick XC 2016

Poly men looking happy at the beginning of the race-before being soaked!

Currently the Poly women are lying in  4th place in Division 1 of the competition and the men are in 8th place in Division 1. Michael Parkinson was first Poly male runner in (42.15) and 3rd in his age group.  David Quinn was 2nd Poly runner in(44.59) with Jonathan Heaney only two places behind him but had a faster time (42.32) when adjusted.  John Brown was third in his age group and Ian Richardson was second in his.  First Poly woman home was Michelle Thompson in 15th place (31.44) followed closely by Lucy Robinson (adjusted time 30.42) then Angela Green (32.42).  Katie Jones was second in her age group, and Alison Cummings was first in her age group.  For all the results visit the NE Harrier League website


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