Junior Grand Prix

Current Series 2017/2018 (Please note the November date change!)

Race Individual Results
GP1 28th September 2017 GP1 Juniors
GP2 19th October 2017 (Postponed to 2nd Nov) GP2 Juniors
GP3 23rd November 2017 GP3 Juniors
GP4 14th December 2017
GP5 18th January 2017
GP6 15th February 2017
GP7 22nd March 2017

Series 2016/2017

Race Individual
GP1 September 29th 2016 Results
GP2 October 20th 2016 Results
GP3 November 24th 2016 Results
GP4 December 15th 2016 Results
GP5 Februard 2nd 2017 Results
GP6 February 16th 2017 Results
GP7 March 23rd 2017 Results

Series 2015/16

Race Individual
GP1 September 24th 2015 Results
GP2 October 22nd 2015 Results
GP3 November 20th 2015 Results
GP4 December 17th 2015 Results
GP5 January 21st 2016 Results
GP6 February 25th 2016 Results
GP7 March 17th 2016 Results
Final Results Results

Series 2014/15

Race Individual
GP1 September 25th 2014 Results
GP2 October 23rd 2014 Results
GP3 November 20th 2014 Results
GP4 December 18th 2014 Results
GP5 January 29th 2015 Results
GP6 February 26th 2015 Results
GP7 March 19th 2015 Results
Final Results Results

Series 2013/14

Junior Grand Prix Overall Rankings 2013 – 2014

Race Individual
GP1 September 26th 2013 Results
GP2 October 25th 2013 Results
GP3 November 21st 2013 Results
GP4 December 19th 2013 Results
GP5 January 30th 2014 Results
GP6 February 27th 2014 Results
GP7 March 27th 2014 Results

Series 2012/13

Junior Grand Prix Overall Rankings 2012/13

Race Individual
GP1 September 27th 2012 Results
GP2 October 25th 2012 Results
GP3 November 22nd 2012 Results
GP4 December 2012 Cancelled
GP5 January 31st 2013 Results
GP6 February 28th 2013 Results
GP7 March 21st 2013 Results