Event Group Athletics

Event group athletics is where an athlete chooses a specific athletic field namely, running, sprinting, jumping or throwing.  Their training would cover most, if not all, of the events within that field.  Training may differ slightly for some depending on whether an athlete would like to hurdle, steeplechase or high jump.  This would develop further as they progress over the years into Event Specialism.


At NSP, we have 2 coaching groups that sit within event group athletics for juniors:

Sprints (Tuesday and Thursday)

*Ages 11 to 16

Lead coach: Chris Mole – Level 1 Coach

  • Various abilities, but must have a desire for sprinting
  • Training involves various warm up procedures, sprint drills, speed endurance, technical analysis (e.g. start, drive, maintain), pyramids, handicaps, reactions etc
  • Strong emphasis going forward on competition
  • Psychological analysis/Confidence building with a view to get the athletes to compete

Progression to ages 17+

Lead coach: Alan Watt – Athletics Coach

  • Various abilities, but must have a desire for sprinting
  • Training is similar to above but catered for the older age groups and has a lot more strength work than the younger age group

Middle Distance (Tuesday and Thursday)

Lead coach : Ian Woodward – Level 2 Coach

*Age guide: 10 to 16

  • Various abilities, but must have a desire for running middle distance
  • Training includes road running, hills, track sessions
  • Competing at local events including road, cross-country and track

*Note that age is not always the key identifier when moving between groups.  Children also move between groups based on other key factors such as chronological, training and development age.

If you are interested in joining, please check the current availability of our groups.