Fundamental Athletics

In fundamental athletics, children are taught the key athletic movements of balance, agility, co-ordination (ABCs), run, jump and throw (RJT) in a fun environment.  General fitness tasks are also incorporated into sessions as well as tasks from the Athletics 365 development program for young people.  Children should start to enter local competitions.


At NSP, we have 3 coaching groups that sit within fundamental athletics:

Age category 6 to 8 (Tuesday only)

Lead coach: John Renney – Athletics Coach and Children’s Athletics Coach

*Age category 8 to 10 (Tuesday and Thursday)

Lead coach : Connor Williams – Coaching Assistant

*Note that age is not always the key identifier when moving between groups.  Children also move between groups based on other key factors such as chronological, training and development age.

If you are interested in joining, please check the current availability of our groups.