NOTAN Summer Grand Prix


The dates for NOTAN’s Grand Prix events are:

  • Saturday 1st April
  • Monday 1st May 09:30am
  • Saturday 3rd June
  • Saturday 1st July

Age groups are school years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Entry Form

Available here

Programme of events

Time School Year 6 School Year 5 School Year 4 School Year 3
9:00-9:30 Registration, Receipt of numbers, etc.
9:30 100m sprint Running Long Jump 600m Howler throw
10:00 Howler throw 75m sprint Running Long Jump 400m
10:30 800m Howler throw 75m sprint Standing Long Jump
11:00 Running Long Jump 600m Howler throw 50m sprint
11:30 Presentations


  1. In field events, all competitors will have the same number of attempts, but the number of attempts allowed will depend on how many can be fitted into the time allocation (which must be adhered to).
  2. On the track, the sprint race for years 4 and 3 will take place before the distance races for years 6 and 5 (10.30, 11.00)

Entry Fees

Closing date 1 week in advance of each meet: £1.00 per event or £15.00 for every event in the series.
Entry fees on the day: £1.50 each and every event
Entries will be acknowledged by e-mail (where an e-mail address is included on the entry form)


Certificates will be awarded at each meet.

Grand Prix

Points for performance will be awarded to all competitors in each event, and trophies will be awarded to the leading competitors in each age group (boys & girls) at the conclusion of the series.

To ensure smooth running of the event (especially the field events) volunteers to act as helpers on the day will be welcomed, please contact at least one week in advance


Will be posted on the NOTAN website at as soon as possible after the event..

2016 Results

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2015 Results

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2014 Results

June 22 – Year 3 | Year 4 | Year 5 | Year 6

July 6 – Year 3 | Year 4 | Year 5 | Year 6