Kristy Wonders on Triathlon from scratch

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This interview with newby triathlete Kristy Wonders comes from Bruce Robertson.  Anyone interested in triathlon can access training tips and encouragement by signing up to the Poly Tri Facebook page-Noreen

I went along to watch a friend compete in the Spanish City triathlon last year and I challenged myself there and then to do it the following year. I had already done the duathlon at Tynemouth and I’d really enjoyed that, even though I had no idea what my swimming capabilities would be at the time (I think I guesstimated 15mins for a 250m swim!). I started swimming more and got myself some proper coaching. I was OK but my technique was apparently a bit dodgy.

Then I had to get a bike. I already had a mountain bike, but I didn’t cycle that much. I ended up getting a pretty decent road bike on the Cycle to Work Scheme – straight into the clippy pedals – no messing!

Adequate swimming ability. Check. Bike. Check. Running shoes. Check. I was set.

I had my sights set on Spanish City, but Ashington was coming, so I thought I’d give it a go for my first triathlon. I didn’t really have any aims, other than to survive it. Which I did and I was totally buzzing afterwards, and hooked.

With the adrenaline still flowing, I signed up for Northumberland and QE2. With just one week to go to Northumberland, I managed to conquer my fear of open water swimming. I just had to go for it and get my face in. I’m still working on Sea swimming.

I think I might give a standard distance Tri ago next year. A half Iron Man. Who knows.

In terms of my general fitness it has massively improved. I have had fewer injuries since I started cross training too. I have to admit I lost my running mojo during the winter, so it was great to have something else to do instead. I can’t say my running has improved since I started triathlon training but I think it has helped me get my running fitness back faster this summer, although I’ve still got a way to go to get to where I was last summer.

What would I say to anyone thinking of doing a triathlon? Do it. What have you got to lose? It’s probably given me the best sense of achievement I’ve ever experienced.

I have to add – My bike and my wetsuit are currently listed amongst my favourite possessions

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