PBs at Brampton to Carlisle

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Several Poly athletes bettered their previous times in the Brampton to Carlisle road race. Some of this was probably down to the weather-fairly mild for November, with little wind. The race begins at the William Howard School, and maybe Poly athletes were inspired a bit by the school motto, ‘We have a clear expectation that every student will strive to be the best that they can be.’

After a short downhill section the route is through Brampton and up the hill beyond. After about two miles the runners turn off the main road and run mainly round the edges of fields and through small villages before rejoining the road and running through the Carlisle suburbs to the Sands Centre. The last mile and a half past the golf club then down the hill to the river is reward enough for the previous nine miles of slog.

Paul Davies led the Poly athletes, coming in at a time of 1.00.07 (8th in age group). Jason Stirland was next (1.01.16) followed by Paul Richardson (1.02). For the women, Jil Davies came in first for the Poly. She was 4th in her age group in a time of 1.12. Angela Gibson bettered her time of last year to come in at a time of 1.21.

As regards PBs,  they were-Pat Drought 73.24, Annabel Drought 94.49, Louise  Coultate 88.24, Alan Keegan 75.53, Huw Parry, 78.06, Angela Gibson 81.30, Colin brown 87.49.  Well done to everyone.

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