Poly Fell Championships 2016

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 Some updates to the information given earlier in the year for the Cheviot Hedgehope, Alwinton and Brough Law fell races, courtesy of David Johnson


 NSP Fell Championships 2016

Building on the phenomenal success of last year’s championship where we had 35 competitors as opposed to 10 the previous year, this year sees even more races to choose from. In addition and to satisfy the demands of the connoisseurs, some Lake District races are included for the first time. These have been chosen with two thoughts in mind. One, they should be long enough to make the journey worthwhile. Secondly they should be fairly easy to navigate in the event of bad weather. Coledale and Fairfield are 8 and 9 miles respectively and both follow horseshoe ridges with no real navigation difficulties. Oh, and thirdly they should also provide free food.

As of February 16th, Cheviot and Alwinton races are now confirmed.  The format is the same as in previous years, i.e. 50 points for first home, then 48, 47, 46 etc You need score in seven races to get the maximum possible number of points.

David Johnson

There are thirteen races in the series but only your best SEVEN races will score. You must do at least one of the longer races marked with asterisks, note these are not necessarily races that that are officially classed as long by the FRA. 50 points are awarded to the first home, 48 to second, 47 to third etc.

Entry: Except for the Chevy Chase, all of these races can be entered on the day.

Brough Law – AS – 8k/5 miles.

Sun 13th Mar at 10:00am.  £1.00
Venue: Bulbys Wood car park, Ingram Valley, nr Powburn,  Grid NU008164

The race organiser, has asked if people could fill in the standard entry form prior to the race to make the registration a little easier.  Mandatory kit is required and a decision will be made on race day as to whether it will need to be carried. You can download a standard entry form from the FRA Documentation page.


*Coledale Horseshoe Fell Race* – AM- 13.5k 8.5 miles

Saturday 9 April 11.00am £6.00 pre entry £10 on day. Post race food and excellent bacon butty and ice cream shop in the village.
Venue: Braithwaite Lodge Grid ref NY232231

*Cheviot and Hedgehope Pendulum Fell Race* – AL – 18k/11 miles

1 May 10.30am  £4.00
Venue: End of Harthope Valley, near Wooler Grid ref: 953 225

*Fairfield Horseshoe* – AM – 14.5k/9 miles

Saturday 14 May at 12.00 noon. £10.00 on day . Free tea and cakes at the finish.
Venue: Rydal Hall NY367063 10 min walk from parking field to registration

*Alwinton Fell Race* – BL – 24k/15 miles

11 June 10am £10 online (details tbc) £13 on day
Venue: Rose and Thistle, Alwinton, Northumberland. Grid NT921063 on OS80

*Windy Gyle* – BM – 13.7k/8.5 miles

Sunday 19th June at 10:30am.  £5.00.
Venue: Roadside sheep pens 800m N of Barrowburn Farm, Alwinton. Grid ref: NT863113

*Chevy Chase* – BL – 32.2k/20 miles

Saturday 2 July at 10.30. £20.00.  The local race you must do at least once.
Venue: Wooler Youth Hostel.
http://www.woolerrunningclub.co.uk/Chevy%20Chase.html PRE ENTRY ONLY NO ENTRIES ON DAY

Saltwell Harriers Fell Race – BS – 9k/5.5 miles.

Tuesday 5th July at 7.30pm. £5.00. Loads of prizes and a NEMAA championship race too.
Venue: On B6278, two miles north of Stanhope, Co Durham. Grid ref: 996416

Powburn Show Race – CS – 6k/3.7 miles

1st Saturday in August at 1.00pm £4.00.
Venue: The Powburn Show Field 2 miles north of Powburn Village on the west side of the A697.

Forestburn – BS – 5.2k/3.2 miles

Saturday 14th August at 2.30pm. £1.00  (possibly plus entry to show)
Venue: Gate Pub on B6342 NE61 4PT Grid ref. NZ067963

Dufton Show – AS – 8k/5 miles

Saturday 27 August 12.30pm £5.00
Venue: Dufton Show Field, Dufton, Cumbria,CA16 6DB. Grid ref: 684255

Whitfield Show – BS – 7.6k/4.7 miles

Sunday 11 September at 211am. £5.00  (includes entry to show)
Venue: NY 77875715 NE47 8HB on right just past Showfield, Northumberland.

Simonside Thropton Show Race – BM – 11k/6.5 miles

Sat 17th September at 2.30pm. £5.50 (includes entry to show)
Venue: Thropton Showfield, Coquetdale, Northumberland. ref NU031027

Note: ‘Best Practice Kit’

‘Best Practice Kit’ is the mandatory minimum for AL, AM and BL races, and Race Organisers may require it to be carried at ALL other categories. It comprises:-Waterproof whole body cover, hat, gloves, map of the route, compass, whistle, emergency food. Your waterproof whole body cover must have taped seams and an attached hood. It is best to come prepared to carry this kit at ALL races.

If you want any advice or have any queries please get in touch at mrdavidjohnson@gmail.com

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