Poly Success at Alwinton Fell Race

9 June, 2014 No Comments Results

This news comes courtesy of Dave Johnson-

Gary Robson and Chris Rowe came  3rd and 4th respectively in the 14 mile ,3000 feet ascent, Alwinton Fell Race on Saturday. Gary was also first V40.

Congratulations to Gary and Chris.  It shows that the Poly are not exclusively road runners or Track and Field experts, but can also conquer those fells, despite there being a distinct lack of fells (or even hills) in Whitley Bay!

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Grants and Publicity Noreen has been a member of North Shields Poly since 1994, and has represented the club in road running, cross country and on the track. Occasionally she has won medals! She previously edited the Poly magazine in the 1990s (yes in those far off days before websites!) and has contributed to articles in the local press, as well as reviewing the occasional play. Noreen is hoping that Poly members will send her stories of their heroic efforts of running against the odds, training tips, opinions on the latest running technological advances, and race reports.

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