North Shields Poly Fell Championships 2017


There are thirteen races in the series but only your best SEVEN races will score.  50 points are awarded to the first home, 48 to second, 47 to third etc. Prizes will be awarded for the series and age category winners.


Please bring the full FRA best practice kit to all races to avoid disappointment. Details of this can be found on the FRA website. http://www.fellrunner.org.uk/documents/FRA Requirements for Runners 2015-16 V12 10-09-2015.pdf

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High Cup Nick – BM-15k/9 miles

Saturday 25 February 2pm £7.00 Venue Dufton Village Hall ref 688 252. Marvellous descent from the Nick right to the finish, almost.


Brough Law – AS – 8k/5 miles.

Sunday 12th March at 10:00am.  £1.00 Venue: Bulbys Wood car park, Ingram Valley, Grid NU008164


Blakey Blitz – AM 17km/10.5 miles
Sunday 19 March 10.30am £6.00    Venue  Lion Inn nr Castleton ref 678 998. A n enjoyable uphill finish


Coledale Horseshoe Fell Race – AM- 13.5k 8.5 miles

Saturday 8 April 11.00am £6.00 pre entry £10 on day. Venue: Braithwaite Lodge Grid ref 232 231. A very steep climb and a tricky rocky bit on the way back.


Gisborough Moors Race – BL – 20k/12.5 miles

Sunday 23 April  11.00am   £7.00 Venue: Guisborough Rugby club Grid ref: 616 155


Coniston – AM – 14.5k/9 miles

Saturday 29 April at 12.30. £10.00. Venue: Coniston Institute ref 367 063 Park at School. A race with a bit of everything.


Alwinton 3 Tops – BL  – 24k/15 miles

Saturday 10th June 10.30am  £11.00 pre entry  £13 on day website  www.notmrt.org.uk Alwinton, Northumberland.Grid ref:922064


Windy Gyle – BM – 13.7k/8.5 miles

Sunday 18th June at 10:30am.  £5.00.  Venue: Roadside sheep pens 800m N of Barrowburn Farm, Alwinton. Grid ref: NT863113


Chevy Chase – BL – 32.2k/20 miles

Saturday 1 July at 10.30. £20.00.  The local race you must do at least once. Venue: Wooler Youth Hostel.

Kentmere Horseshoe -AM  – 20k/12.3 miles

Sunday 16 July at 1.00pm  £10.00 PRE ENTRY ONLY SEE FRA WEBSITE Venue: Kentmere Village Hall

A fast course


Sedbergh Hills- AL – 22.5k/14 miles

Sunday 20th August at 11am. £7.00  Venue: People Hall, Howgill lane.  Park at school only  ref 655923

A Lakes race with no rocky bits


Bellingham  Show – BS –  8k/5 miles??

Saturday 26 August 2.25pm £7.00 Venue: Bellingham

Simonside Thropton Show Race – BM – 11k/6.5 miles

Saturday 16th September at 2.00pm. £5.50 (includes entry to show)Venue: Thropton Showfield, Coquetdale, Northumberland. ref NU031027

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