The First Poly Aquathlon

22 March, 2015 1 Comment Uncategorized

Early on a Sunday morning and I’m having this strange dream-well I think it’s a dream.  I’m swimming in Tynemouth Pool along with a lot of other people all wearing caps and tri suits.  And you know that feeling in a dream when someone’s chasing you?  Yes, I’m definitely being chased, and I look around and it’s my sister, and she passes me in a flurry of water.  Then I find myself on the poolside and I’m trying to pull running shoes on but they seem to be full of talcum powder.  And half dressed people are running out of the doors at the far end of the pool.  So I make for the door and I find myself running up Beach Road in the sunshine.  There are spectators cheering me on so, no actually this isn’t a dream.   I’m taking part in the very first NSP Aquathlon, and it’s not even 8am!

It was a low key event, aimed at those new to multi sports events and consisted of a 250 metre swim followed by-literally-a run around the block of around a mile and a half.  The event was endorsed by the British Triathlon Federation and in keeping with its small and friendly ethos was limited to only 40 athletes. Over half were Poly members, so were mostly runners rather than swimmers. Proving that multi sports is for all ages, the youngest competitor was aged around thirteen and the oldest were in their 50s and 60s.

Tynemouth Pool hosted the event which began at seven am with registration. If anyone had missed their breakfast or had run out of energy after their effort there was a cake table with contributions from Poly members, and Sole Food.

There were no specific prizes but all competitors were given a Start Fitness goody bag. Nevertheless the event was timed, with Tom Elmer posting the best time of 15.17 for the men. Not far behind was Jordan Gustavson (15.31) and Scott Ellis (15.35). For the women, the best time was Megan Holmes in 17.07, then Kate Dyson (19.24). They were closely followed by Gill Van Der Merwe, Kerry Swindon, Alison Cummings, Angela Green, Anita Attala and Sylvie Heath whose times were all between 20 and 21 minutes.

Huge thanks to everyone who gave their time at insane o clock in the morning, and thanks to Adam Rowe and his Poly Tri team for the superb organisation.  All the cake makers deserve praise, also Tynemouth Pool for hosting the event and Start Fitness for supplying the goody bags.

For people who’ve had their appetite whetted for multi sports, the Poly Tri club arte organising a Duathlon (swim then Bike) at Killingworth in a few weeks time.  See Adam Rowe or the Poly Tri Facebook page for further details.

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Noreen Rees

Grants and Publicity Noreen has been a member of North Shields Poly since 1994, and has represented the club in road running, cross country and on the track. Occasionally she has won medals! She previously edited the Poly magazine in the 1990s (yes in those far off days before websites!) and has contributed to articles in the local press, as well as reviewing the occasional play. Noreen is hoping that Poly members will send her stories of their heroic efforts of running against the odds, training tips, opinions on the latest running technological advances, and race reports.

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    Times from the event are on the triathlon page.

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