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For those runners who are sick of running on hard paving stones or tarmac, why not try a fell run?  There are quite a number in the next few months, many attached to local country shows.  So you can do your run, visit the beer tent, eat a few cakes and admire the sheep.  Here are the listings from Dave Johnson.  Noreen 

It’s almost local show time which means a load of easy short fell races suitable for anyone, crop up in the calendar over the next two months. Here are some of them

3 August Cock Howe Classic AS 2.5 miles. An evening race on the North Yorks Moors.

6 August Powburn Show BS 3.5 miles and a Poly Championship race.

9 August Ravenscar Rumble BS 4.5 miles. Another evening North Yorks Moors event

13 August Glanton Show fell race BS 3 Miles

14 August Forest Burn fell Race BS 3.2 miles. Simonside Fair. A Poly Championship race

20 August Falstone Falcon BS 5 miles Part of Falstone Show.

27 August Dufton Show Fell Race AS 5 miles. A Poly Championships race

31 August Roseberry Topping AS 1.5 miles. Another evening North Yorks Moors event

11 September Whitfield Show Fell Race. CS 4 miles A Poly Championships race

17 September Thropton Show Race BM 6.2 miles Traditional Poly Championship series finale

8 October Alwinton Show Fell race BS 2.2 miles. Huge money prizes!

16 October, Natural Ability Fell Race Allenheads AS 6 miles

More details can be found on the Polyfellers Facebook Page

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